Is this happening yet?

If you look through this Guardian report on the Occupy Wall St protests, you will notice, on more than one occasion, pictures and video of white shirted (read: senior) police officers beating/macing protesters.  It seems clear that they were doing this not because the protesters were acting violently, indeed, there are no reports of violence from the protesters such as would explain the police resort to violence.  Stark contrast to the recent London uprising.

Now, what I am wondering is whether any enterprising young rebel has decided yet to find out who these people are.  Get some nice head shots of the perpetrators, run some video, search for names, and start a campaign.  ‘’ has a good ring to it.  I say his advisedly, as I have yet to see any footage of senior female police officers waving their sticks around with no regard for their targets (did you see that they managed to mace and beat a Fox News crew?).

I would be somewhat surprised, and a little disappointed in the resourcefulness of the protesters, if some sort of site tracking and naming the officers in charge of this behaviour does not exist.  I also think that I would probably think it a reasonable response for the protesters to make to the police actions against them.

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