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Wikipedean philosophers mapped by influences

A map of philosophers linked by influence on wikipedia. Created by the guys at and available under a creative commons license. Advertisements

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"Kids have good Instincts"

There is a pretty awesome profile of Obama in Rolling Stone at the moment. (Well, permanently, because internet).  It includes the following passage: I was reminded of this incident when our interview with the president ended. As we left the … Continue reading

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@NJMunn I post more there than here.

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US Presidential Election

This electoral cycle has been interesting.  Before the debates, I was happily watching the trainwreck that was the Romney campaign, as it staggered towards electoral annihilation.  This impression was backed up by the polling data collected by Nate Silver at … Continue reading

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Myth Watch: Arts vs. Sciences

Press Release claims – “Professor of Agribusiness at the University of Waikato, Jacqueline Rowarth says if students are looking for lucrative careers, then they should study science.” (US) Statistics Show! Mid career median income for philosophy majors: $81,200.  Strangely enough, … Continue reading

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Fishing, Overfishing, and governments (finally) taking an interest.

It doesn’t happen often, but occasionally a political party displays backbone and does something positive for the natural world.  This time, it was the Australian Federal Government, the Labour party, rapidly shoving through restrictions on a mammoth ‘super-trawler’ that was … Continue reading

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The best thing about US Elections: Commentary

Discussion of the Republican National Convention, via Gin & Tacos… “the apparent theme for the convention is luring the truth into a derelict ice cream truck with promises of candy and then repeatedly touching it in the bathing suit area” Yeah.  Ladies … Continue reading

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